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How Do I Become a Model? We would like to cordially invite you to sign up for our New York City Modeling Workshops and NYC Modeling Seminars .
We have designed a modern program to inform you about everything you need to know about the fashion and modeling
world and more. Not everyone is built to be a fashion model, but so what! These days the term "modeling" covers a wide range
of commercial and personal representation for people of all sizes, shapes, color and ages.

We are offering a series of fun and innovation New York City Modeling Classes that will not only prepare your child for the
industry but will focus on the important tools to improve personal presentation skills and self esteem for life in general.

With our NYC Kids Modeling Workshops, we will not promise to make each and every child the next top model but we do promise to
help youth to enhance their personal best self image which is an important key to a happy life and future.
Our facilitators have been involved in every aspect of the industry. Our chief presenter assisted Paris Hilton
on her very first photo shoot and assisted the Olson Twin's on their video production among work done for others. So How Do I Become a Model you ask, sign up today and find out!

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